In 1982, Wolfgang Loerchner created his first custom knife after seeing one in a hunting and fishing magazine. This knife was crafted using hand tools and composed of a curly maple handle. To this day, Loerchner still uses hand tools because this allows him to pay close attention to fine detailing and permits total freedom of design. He was also heavily involved in oil painting and woodworking in his early years, but he found that knifemaking is the form of artistic expression he is most passionate about.

Wolfgang Loerchner custom knife

Every custom Loerchner knife is thoroughly thought out and drawn on paper before commencing the actual construction of the knife. During his working years, Loerchner even stopped occasionally during his long commutes to sketch knives that he was imagining.

The knife that first inspired him to become a knifemaker was photographed by Jim Weyer and is included in his Points of Interest, Book II. This was a large dagger knife with an ivory handle and intricate guard. Over the years, Loerchner has designed and crafted many different styles of knives, using a variety of materials. In addition, he has collaborated with numerous well-known artists like Martin Butler, Lytton McKenzie, Rick Fields, Ron Lake, Ron Skaggs, and Elizabeth Loerchner.

Wolfgang Loerchner custom knife dealer

Although Loerchner does not specialize in any particular knife style, the majority of his work consists of intricate folding knives which feature fine inlays and file work. He also enjoys crafting smaller knives and makes several each year. As he constantly strives to improve the combination of materials with form and function, his work is becoming more involved and resulting in custom knives that stand the test of time. However, due to this high involvement, he is limiting himself to creating a maximum of 2-3 knives per year.