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Knife Legends – Full Time Knife Purveyor

Paul Shindler: Like most youngsters I had various pocket and jack knives as a kid, but my real interest in knives began in the summer of 1976 when I worked for several months selling high-end fly fishing tackle at Americas oldest cutlery store. In between waiting on customers and doing stock work I was also responsible for covering the hunting knives department. There I was exposed to my first hand made knives, including models by Randall and Ralph Bone. Then in 1988, while visiting a friend still working for that retailer, I was introduced to my first high-end, sole-authorship blades by Joe Kious, Kaj Embretsen, Michael Walker, Larry Fuegen, Bill Pease and Frank Centofante.

At that point I was really hooked, and spent the next twelve years traveling to knife shows all over the country to meet my favorite makers. I am especially interested in top-of-the-line, investment-grade folders and fixed blades, as well as knives with extensive engraving. I love the chance to handle knives and talk to other knife enthusiasts every day, although it’s going to be really tough keeping my hands out of the cookie jar – if you know what I mean! I am a full time Knife Purveyor.

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