Steve Johnson started making his first knife in 1965 with Gil Hibben and finished in March 1966. Gil Hibben was his Scout Explorer Advisor and gave each scout the opportunity to make a knife and this led to part-time and then full-time work. As he progressed in his career, he had the opportunity to work with Harvey Draper, Rod Chappel, Buster Warenski, A.G. Russell, and Bob Loveless. In the early 1970’s, Steve worked for Draper Knives in Ephraim, Utah, Davis Knives in Spokane, Washington, and R. W. Loveless, Lawndale and Riverside, California. After leaving California in October 1974, he started making knives full-time. The knives he makes feature well-defined grind lines, an exact fit, and highly polished blades forged from 154-CM/ATS-34 steel. The majority of Steve’s work is Loveless-style hunters and fighters. 

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