In 1983, Emmanuel Esposito was born near Torino, Italy, where he spent most of his childhood in his family’s machine shop. After WWII, when there were few resources and milling machines and lathes were handcrafted from scratch, his grandfather was a self-taught machinist.

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When Emmanuel was fifteen, he decided to make a knife for himself out of sheer practicality. After making this first attempt, he began to read specialized magazines and books about knives. After discovering the world of fine knives, he attended his first knife show in Milan.

One of the unique aspects of his work is the creation of the mosaic inlay, which is composed of hundreds of tiny pieces of mother of pearl, which Emmanuel hand-sorts and arranges according to how each piece reflects the light.

In the end, a chromatic inlay is created that oscillates between light and dark as it moves. Other features of his knives include patented locking mechanisms, such as the double C-lock. In 2017, he expanded his work into men’s luxury accessories, and in 2018, he began collaborating with independent luxury watchmaker URWERK.