Michael Walker Custom Knife

Taos, NM

Michael Walker Custom Knife

Michael Walker Custom Knife

Taos, NM

Blade Length: 3 1/4 inches Overall Length: 7 1/2 inches
Closed Length: 4 1/4 inches Sheath/Case: Leather Pouch
Blade Steel: DamaSteel Mosaic Damascus
Bolster/Guard: Titanium
Handle Material: Titanium
Michael Walker Knives


Another stunning piece of modern art from the Master of the liner-lock Michael Walker. This special knife features Michael's rare Button-Lock, and an all DamaSteel Stainless Damascus blade and back-spacer, as well as a highly machined Titanium frame in the classic Walker style.

The scales have been inlayed with various geometric shapes in several precious metals. Naturally the knife opens and closes like a dream.

This knife has the rare Eye of Horus button and is one of only three of this lock style ever made. The second Walker with this lock was an ultra-rare Shark Tooth Zipper sold several years ago at the Stressa, Italy Show.

No one knows the location of the third knife!

No serious collection of modern custom knives is complete without at least one of Michael Walker knives, although they are difficult to find.

Don't let this one slip through your fingers because there is no telling when and if there will be another!

Other Michael Walker Knives

Walker started making knives in 1980 with fixed-blade art knives. But when a client asked him to make a sheath, Walker thought the task was more labor-intensive and didn't enjoy this as much as making the knives. As a result, he decided from then on to make folding knives. These don't require a sheath. This in turn led to his development of the Walker Linerlock.

In 2004, Walker was inducted into the Blade magazine's Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Simply put - no modern collection of hand-made custom knives is complete without one! Go ahead and treat yourself to this Michael Walker Knife.
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