Glenn Waters Custom Knife


Glenn Waters Custom Knife

Glenn Waters Custom Knife


Blade Length: 4 3/8 inches Overall Length: 10 1/8 inches
Closed Length: 5 3/4 inches Sheath/Case: Nylon Pouch
Blade Steel: ATS-34 with Gold Inlays
Bolster/Guard: Titanium
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Fossil Mammoth
This lovely DeLuxe Self-opener was created by Australian native and martial arts instructor & Custom Knife Maker Glenn Waters. A resident of Japan since 1986, Glenn combines a host of traditional Japanese metals and materials to make his unique one-of-a-kind creations.

The lovely engraving on the blade, bolsters and spine of the knife was all done by Glenn in a variety of unusual and attractive motifs. And all of the engraving is in either 18K or 24K gold. The thumb stud is also engraved, and is hand turned from 18K gold as well.

The file work on the back-spring, which is enhanced by gold engraving, is wonderful, and continues on the inside of the fame which has been mirror polished. The scales, which are of fossil mammoth, compliment the engraved Titanium bolsters perfectly.

Simply put, this is the finest Glenn Waters knife we have ever seen.


Here is a description of some of the other details of this incredible knife in the makers own words:

The front of the blade depicts FuJin the Japanese God of Wind with a dragon coming out of his wind bag.

The back of the blade depicts RaiJin the Japanese God of Thunder beating his drums.

Shibu Ichi Gin silver with 24k gold & 18k gold inlays.

The Butterfly is silver, 24k gold and two lab grown star rubies.

This stunning piece defines "Art Knife". And we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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