From 1983 to present, Kaj Embretsen has been making knives as a full-time job. Kaj Embretsen was born in Sweden in 1957. With a focus on fancy folding and fixed blade knives, his main goal is to employ Damascus, fossil ivory and mother of pearl.

Kaj EmbretsenKaj Embretsen Kaj Embretsen

During Kaj Embretsen years as a knifemaker he has received these awards:

    • Beretta award for outstanding achievements at NYCKS 1988.
    • Judges award at ECCKS l993.
    • Best folder (award from Barrett-Smythe LTD) at the Guild show 1994.
    • The “Knife of the Year” award at Elverum, Norway 1995.
    • Best Damascus Folder at ECCKS 1995
    • Best Knife Collaboration at ECCKS 1995
  • Best Damascus Design at Blade Show 1996
  • 1:st Price at Elverum Norway 1996
  • Best Damascus Folder at SICAC Paris 1997
  • Best Damascus Folder at Esposizione Internationale del Coltello in Milan 1997
  • Best Knife of the show at Solvang Custom Knife Show 2001
  • The first chair in the Swedish Knife Association’ s “Hall of fame” 2010