Vladimir Kolenko

Vladimir Kolenko

When asked if there is any special design philosophy behind his knives, talented Russian Knife Maker Vladimir Kolenko likes to say that knife maker is my hobby and not a job, so each piece of my work becomes personal for me. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. I enjoy the whole process and not just the end product. I guess this is one difference between a hobby and a business.”

Before knife making, as with several other talented artists, Jewelry was Vladimir’s long-standing hobby. Which means before he started making knives, he made all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. As you can imagine, this work equipped him with a variety of special skills used now in the making of his fantastic and elaborate art daggers. And after more than 10 years of knife making, he still prefers Fossil Mammoth, Natural Stone, Silver and Gold to any other materials.

Although he learned his craft from many people and says that he did not have one particular person who was his teacher, he does admire the work of Zaza Revishvili and Bertie Reitveld. He says “Filigree work by Russian maker Zaza Revishvili is outstanding and is characterized by very detailed and accurate craftsmanship”. And when it comes to South African maker Bertie Reitveld he says “Bertie makes absolutely stunning daggers. And the combination of his mosaic Damascus blades and stone handles make them true works of art. This artist is one of our very talented custom knife dealers.

Asked which styles of knives he likes to make most he says “I enjoy making a wide range of styles, though I have a particular passion for daggers. I guess it’s the symmetry that makes daggers so attractive to me.”

The annual Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia the only show Vladimir displays at currently. Professionally an MD and PHD, Vladimir is currently an Associate Professor of Cancer Biology at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA during his copious free time!

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