Tim Britton

Tim Britton

Occasionally we come across artists who we feel are deserving of more attention and interest from collectors. In the case of the two gentlemen listed on this page, Tim Britton and Jack Levin, it’s safe to say that their work is exceptional and worthy of the highest praise.

Tim Britton: Tim Britton has been making knives since 1972. He was the first professional knifemaker in North Carolina and in his words, has “reinvented himself as a knifemaker” about every five years.

Tim’s first knives were small fancy knives, such as his stylized version of the Scottish Skean-du, and most of these early knives were engraved by Master Ron Skaggs. Over time his USMC experience began to influence his work and his emphasis slowly shifted to larger bead blasted finish tactical fixed blades – such as his TERMINATOR and his Jimmy Lile influenced JIMBO.

This stage didn’t last for long and Tim went back to his roots and began making smaller, very clean designs.  This time they were traditional pattern folding knives, and seemingly Tim has found his niche. Makers such as P.J. Tomes, Gene Shadley, Mike Zcherny and Bill Ruple have influenced Tim’s latest work.

You can usually spot Tim at knife shows by the crowds around his table. His knives are distinguished by simple designs, superb execution and some of the finest Sambar stag and mammoth ivory we have ever seen.  Tim likes to work with BG42 and obviously prefers natural handle materials. This artist is one of our very talented custom knife dealers.

Knife makers who have shared with Tim in his or their shops reads like a Knifemaker’s Who’s Who….Blackie Collins, Frank Centofante, George Herron, Paul Fox and Howard VieleJames Batson and Alex Daniels have most influenced Tim’s later work with traditional folders.

Tim is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and takes great pride in the number of mastersmiths who own and carry his knives.

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