Thad Buchanan

Thad Buchanan

Occasionally we come across artists who we feel are deserving of more attention and interest from collectors. In the case of the gentleman listed on this page, Thad Buchanan, it’s safe to say that his work is exceptional and worthy of the highest praise.

Thad Buchanan: By this time most collectors already know that Thad Buchanan is one of the most talented and in demand fixed blade knife makers in the custom knife world. Current delivery times run 4-5 years and Thad has won more Knife Show Awards than almost anyone we can think of, including best new maker at his very first knife Oregon Knife show in 1987.

When asked about his knife making and design philosophy Thad states “I like simple, clean, elegant designs that are well executed. Fit and finish are as important to me as form and function. Every time I start a knife I see it as an opportunity to make this one better than the last one. Ron Lake planted that seed many years ago and it’s really become the reason I make knives. I know I’ll never make the “perfect” knife, but it’s the pursuit of that goal that drives me these days.

Thad specializes in Loveless style knives using mostly natural materials and prefers CPM-154 steel for its fine grain and superb performance qualities. Thad’s early mentors included Bill Harsey, Bob Lum and knife making legend Ron Lake – all of whom lived in Thad’s native Oregon. Every knife he makes reflects something he has learned from these three makers and he is grateful for their willingness to share their hard earned expertise.

When discussing knife makers that he admires Thad says “I like a lot of the ABS work and there are at least a half dozen folder makers I admire. I also admire several makers that make the Loveless influenced knives similar to mine. Those include Dietmar Kressler, Steve Johnson, John Young and Ricardo Romano.

According to Thad “Loveless designs tend to be my most popular designs and I enjoy making them – I have tracings from the Loveless shop that I have made during my visits. In my opinion, one of the greatest contributions Loveless has made to knife making is his design work. Those simple, clean lines are graceful, classic and timeless.”

When asked about what new designs or directions the future holds Thad says “I suspect I will always make Loveless patterns, but I would also like to branch out and make some integrals similar to those made by Dietmar Kressler.”

Whatever the future holds we know that Buchanan knives will always stand for something special!

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