Ryuichi Kawamura

Ryuichi Kawamura

I was born in 1964 in Nagasaki Japan. I was graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1987 as a computer technology major. My first experience with custom knives was at a Gun Shop in Miami, and although I cannot remember who made the knife I do remember that it was beautiful!
In 1994 I entered the Sanada Knife Making School of Tokyo, where I studied for 8 years under Mr. Sanada who is my knife master. In 2002 I transitioned from being a computer graphic arts designer to work as a full time Knife Maker. My work has been influenced by Joseph Rodgers and IXL in Sheffield England, as well as Jess Horn, Ron Lake and Tony Bose in America. Since I specialize in classic slip-joint multi-blade folder patterns Tony Bose is one of my greatest knife making idols.

Comments on Ryuichi Kawamura from Tony Bose:

I find Ryuichi to be an outstanding maker. His fit and finish are excellent, but just as important, they work very well. I would have no trouble recommending his knives to anyone. He is also a very humble man, which goes a long way with me.

Best Regards Tony Bose

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