Ron Best

Ron Best

Occasionally we come across artists who we feel are deserving of more attention and interest from collectors. In the case of the two gentlemen listed on this page, Ron Best and Rusty Preston, it’s safe to say that their work is exceptional and worthy of the highest praise.

Ron Best: Many of you may already be familiar with talented self-taught North Carolina maker Ron Best. He is a two time winner of the prestigious W.W. Cronk Award in 2007 and 2008 whose work has already been featured in Blade Magazine and other important knife world publications.

Currently a probationary member of the Knife Makers Guild, Ron is focused on fully integral fixed blades although he is thinking about making some folders in the future. This artist is one of our very talented custom knife dealers.

His knife making idols are Edmund Davidson, because of his stunning integral knives, as well as Wolfgang Loerchner because of his superb carving. Ron generally works in 440C and D-2 steel and uses Ivory, Bone and various Pearls for his inlays. He is also thinking of using stone inlays in the future.

Ron has been making knives for 9 years and displays his work at the Blade and Guild Shows. He does all of his carving with files and sandpaper, does his own heat treating and does not use any automated milling machines. Many of his knives are engraved by Master Jere Davidson.

All of his knives are intricately carved and finished, and perfection is always his goal. We feel that Ron is the most promising maker of highly carved fully integral knives in the world today – and once you have a chance to handle his work we hope you will agree!

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