Richard Tesarik

Richard Tesarik

Highly talented Czech knife maker Richard Tesarik is a very interesting fellow and we have been looking forward to working with him for some time. Before making knives, he was an accomplished Jeweler who also owned several Jewelry Shops. His wife Veronika is a gifted engraver who often collaborates with him on a variety of knife making projects.

It is no surprise that Richard admires a number of talented knife makers whose designs have special and unique qualities, and he is always striving to learn how their minds work. He loves to use the finest natural materials for their beauty and sees knives more as Art Objects than as Instruments for use. This artist is one of our very talented custom knife dealers.

And although there have been many fine Art Deco influenced knives in the market over the last several years, Richard is primarily influenced by the sensuous curves and winding swirls of the Art Nouveau era.

In keeping with this artistic bent, he strives to make his knives look beautiful open as well as closed. Richard credits veteran Czech knife maker Buddy Weston for answering his many questions, giving sage advice and showing him the fundamentals of knife making as he was starting out.

Richard mostly uses hand tools to create knives with unique personality and superb fit and finish. These knives feel wonderful in the hand and combine marvelous carving, textures and finishes. And when we look at them, we are reminded of seashells as well as many other lovely objects from nature.

We are excited about our new partnership with Richard and Veronika Tesarik

and we hope you will be as well!


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