Michael Jankowsky

Michael Jankowsky

Michael Jankowsky: Born in Luben-Spreewald in the state of Brandenburg Germany, this self-taught cutler was first exposed to hunting knives by his father, and that awakened his interest in collecting antique and modern knives. Trained as a cabinet maker, Michael began to make his own knives in 1997 using ATS-34 Steel. In 1999 he exhibited at his first professional show, IMA Munich, and became a member of the DMG-German Knife Makers Guild. He is also a member of the Italian Knife Makers Guild.  In 2001 he received the “Best Art Work” award at the Munich Show, and since then he has made only integral knives from advanced powdered steels such as ELMAX, CPM and S30V. Many of his knives have elegant engraving, which he believes make his fixed-blades unique and special. His favorite knife maker is German Dietmar Kressler, who he believes is a kindred spirit artistically. He also credits German maker Peter Herbst with providing much needed technical information about knife making. And finally, Michael loves to work with Antique Elephant Ivory, which he feels is the most elegant of handle materials, and his favorite blade shapes include the drop-point and classic chute.

When asked what kinds of knives we can expect from him in the future Michael says he is working on a very special full inter-frame interpretation of the Loveless Big Bear as well as some unique folders. And although he does not appear at any American Knife Shows at the moment he hopes this will change in the near future.

Current delivery time runs from 3 to 9 months depending on the model.

Comments on Michael Jankowsky From Manfred Melzer of Ars Culturi:

Precious materials decorate his handles, which are designed functionally, one could say almost ergonomically. M.J. simply knows what really matters. If you hold one of his knives it immediately feels good. The balance makes for easy handling – which is pure pleasure from the first moment.”

Sincerely Manfred Melzer

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