Jean-Pierre Sucheras

Jean-Pierre Sucheras

Jean-Pierre Sucheras: Born in the old French Cutlery town of Thiers, self-taught cutler Jean-Pierre has been making custom knives for 18 years. A member of the Italian Knife Guild, he has also been exhibiting at knife shows for more than 15 years. Most recently he won “Best Folder” and “Best Table” award at the 2006 Paris Knife Show. Even more remarkable are the two “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” awards Jean-Pierre has received, one in 2004 for the Multi-blade category and one in 2007 for the Hunting Knives category. Only eight knife makers have received this award in the last century, and the prize itself is personally awarded by the President of France!

Currently he has two professions, one as a highly regarded custom knife maker and the other as a fabricator of elaborate high-precision prototype aircraft parts for the French Ministry of Defense. He is especially fond of Antique Tortoise and Antique Ivory, as well as all kinds of beautiful natural materials. And his wide knowledge of various manufacturing techniques allows him the freedom to create masterful custom knives in many genres – especially elaborate and fantastic multi-blade creations.This wide palate of technique also allows him to create wonderful knives that suite his mood and personality at any given time.

Some of Jean-Pierre’s favorite knife makers are Kaj Embretsen, Michael Walker, Wolfgang Loerchner and Tim Herman. He especially admires these makers for their elegant shapes and pure fluent lines. Jean-Pierre also currently exhibits at the Paris and Milan Knife Shows but hopes to do the same in America some time soon. He is also keen to share the beauty and invention of traditional French Cutlery, which has been updated with modern manufacturing techniques and design, with collectors around the world.

Current delivery times run from 4-12 months depending on the model.
Comments on Jean-Pierre Sucheras From Charly Bennica:

Jean-Pierre and I both started making knives at the same time in the early 90s, and from the start we shared the same philosophy about our work. Like me Jean-Pierre believes in clean original design combined with the very best fit and finish. He also believes in constantly looking for ways to improve his work so his knives are steadily getting better.

Even though he is not yet well known in America, I recommend his knives to every knife “addict” who enjoys my work. I am sure they will fall in love with his unique designs and they are certain to be knocked-out by the fit and finish of his creations.

Best Regards Charly Bennica

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