Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters is an Australian custom knife maker, jeweler and engraver based in Japan.

A Jeweler by trade, Waters has trained in the Japanese art of Jujutsu since he was 6 years old. As a result he eventually developed his own Martial Arts style in 1990, which he has been teaching to Japanese pupils ever since then.

Glenn also has a 7th Dan Black belt in Jujutsu and a 3rd Dan black belt in Batto, (cutting with a live sword) Tameshigiri.  He moved to Japan permanently in 1986 and has been creating hand-made knives since 1993. He has been able to use his experience with the knives utilized in Jujutsu to design practical and functional tools, and he relies on his knowledge of jewelry and engraving to transform some of them into works of art which are collected worldwide.

Waters has won many major awards including Best in Show, Best Folder, Best Tactical knife as well as Best Art Knife at shows in America, Australia, France and Japan. His most recent awards were Best Folder in 2016 at the SICAC Paris show and Best Folder and Best Miniature in 2017 at the Blade Show in Atlanta. His work has been published in many magazines and books in America, Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan and Russia to name a few.

Waters makes Tactical Knives, Art Knives and Art Tactical for the connoisseur as well as for the rugged gentlemen.

His art knives frequently tell a story and generally have Japanese themes. Very often the entire knife, including the blade, will be engraved and decorated with stories reflecting his love of Japan, its history and mythology as well as his own experiences drawn from the many years that he has lived there.

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