Brian Nadeau

Brian Nadeau

Although he has only been making knives for a couple of years, multiple award-winning knife maker Brian Nadeau of Sharp by Design is currently one of the hottest Tactical makers on the planet. Having worked extensively as a machinist in the Printing industry for more than 15 years, Brian has been heavily involved in precision machining all of his life.

His design philosophy is straightforward – he wants his knives to be simple, strong and memorable. And when asked which knife makers he admires he claims to be most taken by the real innovators because they motivate him to work hard to become one of them.

His favorite materials are Titanium and Carbon Fiber. Titanium for its many useful properties and Carbon Fiber because of its appearance, light weight and strength.

Blade 2014 was Brian’s very first knife show where he won both “Best New Maker” and “Best Tactical Knife” for his superb “Typhoon” design! And to demonstrate these accolades were not a fluke Brian then won “Best New Maker” at The Gathering in Las Vegas just a few months later.

In fact, since winning these awards, Brian has been so inundated with orders that he has temporarily had to close his books. So we feel honored to be one of only a small number of Dealers working closely with Brian to spread the word about his exceptional new knives. This artist is one of our very talented custom knife dealers.

Currently Brian attends the Blade Show and The Gathering and has been invited to the 2015 Tactical Invitational in Las Vegas. He hopes to eventually attend the New York Custom Knife Show and the East Coast Custom Knife Shows, both currently in New Jersey.

With so much success so quickly we asked Brian about his goals for the coming year, and he told us he would like to use “State of the Art” equipment with innovative engineering to produce the highest quality knives technology will allow.

And from the enthusiastic response to Brian’s work in the last year we would say he is well on his way.

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