Barry Davis

Barry Davis

My knife making career began at 16 years old after a teacher introduced me to James Schmidt. Jim was instrumental in shaping my perspective of what a knife should be. It is a tool that can also provide a palette for creative expression, but any embellishment or design element cannot take away from the usefulness of the tool.

After 43 years of making knives my attitude to maintain this idea has not changed. I have concentrated my efforts on producing folding knives. I strive for the mechanism to operate smoothly and have tight tolerances in the lock design. Forging the Damascus steel for the blades Is the first step in creating the heart of the knife

I make every folder one at a time, there are no “interchangeable parts”.  I do not use templates or model numbers in creating the designs of my knives. Generally, the natural handle material dictates the proportions and size.

My definition of a custom knife maker is a craftsman who draws inspiration from a multitude of influences. These influences can come from nature, architecture, historical art or even driven by a customer’s ideas. Some of the best pieces I have created have been a collaborative effort between myself and a client. They have ideas and specific elements they would like to see incorporated into a piece and it is satisfying to produce a piece that meets my persona and theirs.

The opportunity to be a professional artist has enriched the fabric of my life more than I can express. It has allowed me to travel the world and create friendships and experiences between customers and makers that few other professions could provide.

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