Corrado Moro

European countries, particularly Italy, are experiencing a surge in the production of knives right now. In fact, there is one Italian artist who is renowned for his folders as well as his distinctive and alluring designs. His name is Corrado Moro.

Corrado Moro was born in Turin in 1972. He attended a professional engineering school when he was just 14 years old and developed a variety of mechanical processing abilities. In 2007, Corrado Moro first met Charles Bennica, another highly-skilled knifemaker. The two connected right away and began a friendship in which they freely exchanged opinions and views. To this day, their friendship is still going strong. Bennica gave Corrado a lot of advice over the course of these years, and as a result of that extensive exposure, he made the decision to enter the world of artistic knives. After a regional knife exhibition in Bologna in 2012, he received an invitation to the ECCKS of New York. He left his prior employment as soon as he got back to Italy and started working full-time as a knife designer.

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Moro enjoys developing unique mechanical solutions, thinking unconventionally and creatively, learning as much as he can from the great masters, and keeping up with the most recent trends. When asked where he gets his inspiration for his current knife designs, he says that he is inspired by both natural and man-made objects around him. The simplest way to define his method for creating knives is that he focuses on eradicating any flaws in the construction process and maintaining traditional production techniques. In a similar manner, he makes an effort to include certain components of contemporary art and daily life in his designs.

Currently, he produces an average of 12 knives a year. See them for yourself and browse our Corrado Moro custom knives at KnifeLegends!