Antonio Fogarizzu was raised in a family of artisan metalworkers whose name is closely tied to the history of Sardinian knives. He began his artisanal path in the workshop of Salvatore Fogarizzu, his father. Following a long apprenticeship in which he learned and perfected classical knife construction techniques, starting from 1997, he began experimenting with various lines and new, unusual materials, from which came his first Damascus steel blades. Through his constant search for a unique style, he experimented with mosaic Damascus steel, a precious and difficult material that today is the hallmark of his creations.

Antonio Fogarizzu custom knives

Italian-born Antonio Fogarizzu has spent most of his life in Sardinia. His family is a family of artisan ironworkers who have been practicing their craft since 1885. In his father’s workshop, Antonio spent many summers learning the art, and his most prized possession is the first knife he made and sold when he was 14. After graduating from high school, he left for England to see the world beyond Sardinia. After returning to Sardinia, he began studying the design and construction of knives in earnest. He designs traditional Sardinian knives with a distinctive international touch influenced by his years spent abroad.