Knives by Artist

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We are proud to present works by these distinguished makers and engravers.

Ray&Ron Appleton
Van Barnett
Todd Begg
Charly Bennica
Ron Best
Tony & Reese Bose

Tim Britton
David Broadwell
Thad Buchanan
Jack Busfield
Peter Carey
Fred Carter
Gustavo Ceechini
Frank Centofante
Joel Chamblin

Sergio Consoli
George Dailey
Charlie Dake
Edmund Davidson
Barry Davis

Allen Elishewitz
Kaj Embretsen
Curt Erickson

Emmanuel Esposito
Antonio Fogarizzu
Tore Fogarizzu
Henry Frank

Dennis Friedly
Leonardo Frizzi
Larry Fuegen
Tim Galyean
Rick Genovese
Bruno Graciut
Lloyd Hale

Shaun & Sharla Hansen
Don Hanson
Koji Hara
Michael Henningsson
Tim Herman
Harumi Hirayama
• Howard Hitchmou
D'Alton Holder
Steve Hoel
Richard Hodgson
Jess Horn

Billy Mace Imel
Suchat Jangtanong
S. R. Johnson

Ryuichi Kawamura
Joe Kious

Dietmar Kressler
Ron Lake

Rick Lala
Kirby Lambert
Stephanie Lemelin
Wolfgang Loerchner
Bob Loveless
Sal Manaro
Anthony Marfione
Jeremy Marsh
Peter Martin
Corrado Moro
Attilio Morotti
Brian Nadeau
Larry Newton

Chad Nell
Ken Onion
Warren Osborne
Tom Overeynder

Francesco Pachi
Bill Pease
Mario Peddiu
Enrique Pena
Salvatore Puddu
Darrell Ralph

Todd Rexford
Willie Rigney
Bill Ruple
Scott Sawby

Jim Schmidt

Angelo Scotti
Fabrizio Silvestrelli
Solo Masters
John W. Smith
Ken Steigerwalt

Mick Strider
Jean-Pierre Sucheras
C. Gray Taylor
Brian Tighe
Reinhard Tschager
• Ricardo Velarde

Michael Walker
Buster Warenski

Owen Wood
John Young
Mike Zscherny




Please check back frequently. New knives and makers are being added all the time. Let us know about a maker or engraver you would like to see added to
our list.



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