Kema l- Don Fogg & Murad Sayen
Blade Length: Call for inches Overall Length: Call for inches
Closed Length: Fixed Blade Sheath/Case: Zipper Pouch

Blade Steel: Don Fogg Damascus
Bolster/Guard: Carved Bronze
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Fossil Walrus

Comments: During the 80's and 90's two of the knife making world's greatest artists, Don Fogg and Murad Sayen, came together to create some of the most remarkable art knives ever conceived. The small amount of work they did together was call Kemal.

These extraordinary one-of-a-kind knives appeared in just about every major knife publication, and were also immortalized in several hard-cover books including multiple volumes of Jim Weyer's classic "Points of Interest". It is fair to say there was absolutely nothing like these masterpieces - before or since.

Here we have one of my favorite of the Kemal collaboration pieces a unique Art Dagger. It has a superb Damascus blade forged by Master Don Fogg, along with a carved bronze guard and Fossil Walrus handle by artist Murad Sayen.

And we just have to say that the carving of the handle is as remarkable as is the quality of the Fossil Walrus itself - simply incredible!

This is only the four Kemal piece we've ever seen for sale in years, and one of the two or three most interesting art knives we've ever had the pleasure to show.

 Status: SOLD:

 Price: POR ($US) Plus Shipping

Stock #: KM2345PS

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